Ville Karavirta

October 20, 2014

Moving to SquareSpace

Last weekend I finally did what I had been planning to do for a long time: move this site off the self-hosted WordPress and into SquareSpace. I had been neglecting the site, and it simply didn’t look or feel modern. Another big reason for the update was to add a page with a list of the projects I’ve worked on (here’s the new projects page).

Since time is limited to maintain a personal site, I went with the easiest choice: SquareSpace. I use it for the Mobile Icecube site, so I knew what and how I could do with it.

I did an import from the old site, which was almost smooth and painless (code snippets broke). It might have broken some other things as well. If you find something not working, [let me know](mailto:ville@villekaravirta?Subject=Your Site is Broken!).

Finally, apologies to RSS readers who probably got the last 20 blog posts as new posts.