Our First Mobile App for Learning Python - Soon Ready

Our company's (ByTheMark, that is) first mobile application is getting closer to publishing. It is a quiz game for learning and testing Python programming knowledge. Name of the app is Quiz & Learn Python.

The game asks questions ranging from simple concepts to more advanced tricks in Python programming.

The player has four lifelines at her disposal: remove two incorrect answers, skip the question, stop time and debug the program. The last one is what I think makes this game different from a typical quiz with questions about programming. Below is an image from the debugger.

The game will be soon available for iPhone, other platforms possible later. You can test Quiz & Learn Python online. On the linked page, you can also register for our newsletter to be notified when the game is ready!

More Engaging Learning with Accelerometer

Ever since I wrote my first blogpost and demo about using the accelerometer I've been planning on implementing some educational material that would use it. I think it can be used to make educational assignments more engaging. I finally found the time to complete the binary search tree search assignment that uses the accelerometer. Go ahead and view the demo and then come back and read the rest.