Ville Karavirta

July 31, 2013

Leaving Academia and Aalto (at least for now)

Today was my last day at Aalto University (formerly known as Helsinki University of Technology). I’ve worked there 11 years (and had at least as many fixed-term contracts). Early this Spring, when it started to look like things might come to an end at Aalto, I started writing a blogpost nitpicking the pros and cons of academic work. Today, it all seems quite pointless and I want to focus on the big picture:

  • I’ve specified the projects I work on (mostly) myself.
  • I’ve constantly learned new technologies and skills.
  • I’ve traveled to interesting places (like Lisbon, Macau, Frankfurt, Canterbury, and Beijing in just the past five months).
  • I’ve worked with smart and motivated people.

That’s what matters in the end, and that’s why I’ve stayed in the same place for the past 11 years. So a big thank you to all the great people I’ve been allowed to work with! I’m sure I’ll see you someday somewhere!

PS. If you know of an interesting position at a university or a company, let me know :)