Understanding logic circuits is essential in understanding how computers work deep down. The lechef framework enables creation of exercises for practising and understanding the behavior of the basic logical gates, and circuits made from those gates. There are two types of exercises: circuit simulation and circuit design.

The circuit design exercise requires the learner to build a logic circuit matching the assignment description. Typically, this would be the truth table or Boolen expression describing the circuit. In the circuit simulation exercise, the learner is given a logic circuit and the input values are fixed and given. The exercise requires the learner to set the values of all the inputs and outputs of the components in the circuit to the correct values. This is done by toggling the values with mouse clicks.

Technologies: jQuery, jQueryUI, Snap.SVG

Documentation and examples: http://vkaravir.github.io/lechef/

Source code: https://github.com/vkaravir/lechef